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Why the "Uncharted" Series is Here to Stay!

As 2015 continues to roll by, we get closer to the highly anticipated date of 11-1-11 aka the day of ‘Drake’s Deception’. Now to many of us this seems like the beginning of the end of the Uncharted name, however, all signs point to quite the opposite.You see, while ‘Uncharted 3′ was a given, another ‘Uncharted‘ title was also announced awhile ago, ‘Uncharted Golden Abyss’.

In case you have been living under a “chintamanni” stone, ‘Uncharted Golden Abyss’ is a ‘Playstation Vita’ prequel to “Drake’s Fortune” which will showcase an adventure by a much younger Nathan Drake. This is another ‘Uncharted’ game right after what seems to be the end of a trilogy with ‘Drake’s Deception’.History repeats itself, and we have seen portable prequels and interquels from Sony already. A great example of a “triple a” series receiving this treatment is ‘God of War‘. Two titles that weren’t from the main trilogy were developed for Sony’s past portable, the PSP. ‘Ghost of Sparta‘ was released right after the 3rd installment on PS3, even though it was seemingly the last ‘God of War’ (the after credits scene in 3 however said otherwise).

‘Golden Abyss’ could be the start of a new portable ‘Uncharted Trilogy’ and it seems very likely. The ‘Uncharted’ series has been very successful for ‘Naughty Dog‘ and ‘Sony’ so it makes sense for there to be more titles released of something that’s good and as beloved as the adventures of Nathan Drake.Secondly, Hollywood has been very interested in this property, as a film has been confirmed. Luckily, gamers can breathe a sigh of relief as the former director David O’ Russell has been kicked to the curb and replaced with Neil Burger, who shows far much more of a passion towards the video game series and seems to want to deliver something respectable that the fans could be happy with.

This is very positive news as we might finally get a video game movie that’s well made and is very close to the source material. Chances are if the ‘Uncharted’ Movie does well, Hollywood will get Burger to write sequels to it, further expanding the life of the license that is ‘Uncharted‘. Heck if the terrible “Resident Evil” film series could get 3 more sequels (and still more to come) then I have high hopes for a solid ‘Uncharted’ film series. Fans might even get their pick of actor! (as long as Nathan Fillion gets back into shape)So as you can see the ‘Uncharted‘ series really isn’t going to go anywhere after ‘Drake’s Deception’ hits. There’s plenty of things in store for the series that will really satisfy the biggest ‘Uncharted’ fans of today.About TamarindLAZLuis Zamora has written 7 post in this blog.70% of my existence is made up of video games. It's up to you to decide what the other 30% is.

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