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Best blog :D

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Why this Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 flame wars is unneeded

Well, battlefield is not reallistic, the only batlefield that could be remotly even consider reallistic is bc2. Bf2 on the other hand, lets just say guns were firing bbs.The flame war is unnessesary and stupidIts funny how cod players dont give a sweaty fuck and bf fanoys got all butthurt and keep screaming “bf is better becasue of teamwork and realism”Is it? cod is cleary not about teamwork or realism, i dont see the comparion.

They go crazy all like “cod is the same thing every year, its recycled and stale”While in reallity bf has gone FAR more stale in the years and its milked to death.1942, Road to rome, sercet weapons of ww2Then vietnam came out and it was basicly a mod, it had NOTHING new, unless you consider the helicopters new.Then bf2 came out with plenty of new game mechanics, but suprisingly cod has more new mechancis in every installment thanf bf. It was also milked to death with armored fury, special forces and european forces.Then bf2142 came out and it felt like a bf2 mod. Also milked with a crappy expansion only adding 2-3 maps and ribbons.Then bc1 came out and it was new, and diffirent to the bf series with diffirent engine, style and destruction… oh and a singleplayer campaingn.


But in the end it was a console focused title and it offred LESS than the previous bf.Bc2 came out and had better graphics and mechanics but the game was not a good sequel, same guns, same gameplay and a crappy sp campaign.Then they did a rush job with moh and now bf3 comes out and they show off the dx11 pc footage and fool people thinking the console versions will look as good. They also recycle guns from moh, bf2 and bc2 and put them together as “new” and use the same menus and hud from moh and the vehicles from bf2, only LESS. Also add the streamlined bf2142 classes and people think its “new”wtf IS new in bf3? only the gameplay or even better, the game mechanics, the weapons and the menus are from the previous games so what exactly is new and innovative in bf3?As for ea trashtalking? Funny, they were the ones who tried the “one moh every year” in the past but failed because they couldnt keep up and now that activision is pwning them in their own game they got butthurt and talk trash like they wouldnt want that kinda sales

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